Wed. May 13th Murph training WOD info:

Hi team! So today is one of our Murph Training Days. We are coming up close to the MURPH WOD day. We will do this together in multiple heats on Monday, May 25th- for Memorial Day! More info to come soon.

Here is the WOD for today:

5 Rounds for total reps of all moves added together (no rest between rounds)
1 minute of Strict press
1 minute of Push-Ups
1 minute of Air Squats
This is tougher than it looks so pace yourself!
Strict press can be done with a bar, DB’s, KB’s, a plate, or any odd object or 2

How does this work? Well this means you do 1 minute of Strict press and count your reps, then keep counting into the push ups and go for 1 minute, then keep counting into the air squats and go for 1 minute. Pause for a quick second to write down the total reps for that round. Then do the same thing 5 times and add all those reps together.

What is a strict press? Also known as a Shoulder Press! You can do these with DB’s or any odd objects as well!