Wed. April 22nd “Zachary Tellier” Hero WOD and Murph Training Info:

Today we will complete a Hero WOD in honor of Zachary Tellier. Read more below on this HERO and the WOD. Make sure to read all the way down, including the info on him and the scaling for this WOD!

Why is this good training for the MURPH Memorial Day Hero WOD?

The Zachary Tellier WOD has burpees- those are a darn good sub for pull-ups because they strengthen all the same muscles as the pull-up. The WOD also has Push-Ups and those are in the MURPH WOD. The WOD has sit-ups which are always good to do to build core strength- a necessity for a safe MURPH day. The WOD also has lunges and Squats and we all know MURPH has tons of Squats- lunges are a great trainer for the Squat as they make your quads and hammies very strong!

More info: