Thurs. April 30th WOD info:

Hi team! Here is the WOD for today:

EMOM (Which stands for every minute on the minute) for 8 min. (this means we will perform the following two things within a minute for 8 min./ or 8 rounds. If you finish the 2 moves before the minute is up- just rest- and then as soon as the next minute starts- do the 2 moves again!)
10-20 second Handstand Hold (HS hold) (you choose the length of the hold based on where you are at with this challenging skill- challenge yourself!)
5-10 Handstand Push-Ups (HSPU) (You choose how many reps to do based on where you are at with this skill and the progression- 5 strict HSPU’s are wayyy harder than 10 kipping ones- so maybe work on those if you want to)
Score is the total rounds that you were able to complete both the HS hold and the HSPU’s within the minute.

What are the scaling options for today? You can go back to the skill posts I made and use that. Otherwise here they are:

Handstand hold scaling from easiest to hardest:

Handstand Push-UP scaling from easiest to hardest: