Amy is a fantastic Trainer!

My name is Amy Huckins. I am a Personal Trainer working out of CrossFit Cortez/ Evolution Gym. Coming into the gym each day and getting to work with such a great variety of bodies and minds fills me with inspiration and gratitude. The effects of participating in consistent exercise on the human body can truly be a lifestyle transformation! 

What are my credentials:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Nutrition Specialist

CPR/AED certification 

A little more about me:

I had the opportunity to work in SE Alaska with at-risk Alaskan youth for a number of years. We spent each of our days and nights in the wilderness building up strong minds and bodies through mountain summits that had no trails, paddling ocean canoes on rough seas, finding ways to make fire in a temperate rain forest, and really experiencing nature. Through that experience I found the ability to meet people where they are and find what motivates them. After moving to Southwest Colorado several years ago, I’ve learned to translate my skills into a career that works here. While the landscapes of Southwest Colorado look quite different from that of Southeast Alaska, the root of what drives me is still the same. 

Things you may not know about me:

I grew up as a shy bookworm who wore purple plastic rimmed glasses and would rather spend my afternoons at the library with books than with people. It was through moving cities in the beginning of my freshman year of high school that I had a moment where I realized I could create and become any type of person that I wanted to be. I’ve carried that realization with me to this day and it still guides me in everything I do. These days the purple glasses are gone, shyness faded into the background and I am completely overjoyed at the confidence and strength that each passing year brings.  

Program(s) Taught